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Replay Workloads Against non-Oracle Databases

We are pleased to announce a significant new release of Simora, version 3.0. This release brings just one feature, but it’s a huge one: The ability to playback a captured workload (from an Oracle database) against a non-Oracle test database. In this initial release we are focused on supporting the Impala engine, with all testing taking […]

Version 3.0 Brought Forward

It’s about time we explained ourselves regarding Beta and Production releases of Simora 2.0. Cutting a long story short, we have decided to skip version 2.0 and move straight to 3.0. This means that the Alpha testing has to restart using 3.0 as a baseline, but we felt that the features included in 3.0 were […]

Simora 2.0 Beta Program News

Now that we have entered the Alpha test phase of the product, we are looking to sign up some dedicated Beta testers to give the software a good workout. To be selected for the Beta Program it is necessary to commit to a reasonable amount of testing. This could be minimal, but must include the following: […]

Simora 2.0 Enters Alpha

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Alpha testing phase of Simora 2.0. This release sees some significant new features, notably: We have enlisted the help of an elite bunch of testers for this phase, to strengthen the quality before we enter Beta testing.