Capture Workloads

  • Capture real production workloads
  • Playback accurately against a test system

Modify Workloads

  • Simulate More Users
  • Simulate Different Transaction Mixes
  • Add New Feature Prototypes
  • Test New SQL
  • ...and more

Cost Effective

  • Dramatically reduces test development time
  • No additional licensing of Oracle options

Works With Any Edition

  • Enterprise Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Standard Edition One
  • Express Edition
The Latest

What Is Simora?

Simora is a load testing tool for Oracle databases. By capturing the actual application workload and carefully replaying via a feature-rich playback engine, Simora allows replay of that workload against test platforms of all descriptions. But it doesn’t stop there.

Unlike Oracle’s Real Application Testing option, Simora keeps the workload in human readable and editable form. Using the features in the playback engine, it is possible to scale the workload in any direction conceivable, and to eliminate many of the issues associated with playback-only approaches. Using this approach, it is possible to:

  • Remove the need to keep restoring and flashing back your whole production database to the test system
  • Remove synchronisation bottlenecks from the playback
  • Create inter-session data flow and dependencies (external to the database)
  • Change transaction volumes and relative mixtures
  • Modify individual SQL statements to test changes at production volumes
  • Create completely new application functionality in prototype form and add it to the simulation